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PVC Modification Agent

  • PVC Modification Agent
  • PVC Modification Agent
  • PVC Modification Agent
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Product Description
Production Name Slight Crosslink Powdered Nitrile Butadiene Rubber(PNBR)
Chemical Structure
Product Index Appearance White or little yellow powder
Mooney Viscosity,ML100 1+4 40-60
Acylonitrile Content,% 30-33
Sift Rate(0.90mm),% ≥98
Valatile,%   ≤1
Basic Character Powdered NBR B is middle temperature polymerized, slight crosslinked arylontrile butadiene rubber which has low mooney viscosity and middle ACN content. It uses special technology of agglomeration into powder. It shows good resistance to oil, heat, cold and solvent. It also has convenient machining property.
Property Superiority Powdered NBR B is good PVC resin modifier agent. It has very good compatibility with PVC resin. They can mix together in certain percentage. 
Powdered NBR can reach the machinery performance requirement of abroad similar products. It specially adapted in PVC resin modification and soft goods.
Application Powdered NBR B is mainly used in shoes, oil pipe, wire and cable, gland strip, tube, expanded materials and so on.
Application Guidence
According to different usage and different demand, the dosage of Powdered NBR B is viriable. When hould be lower than 40℃, then add the powdered Powdered NBR B and blend evenly. In the Powdered NBR B mix with PVC resin, and the PVC needs to be plasticated, the plastication temperature srocess of extrusion, we advice the process temperture be 120-170℃; In the process of calendering, we advice the process temperture be 150-170℃; In the process of injection, we advice the process temperture be 170-190℃.

Our NBR Powder B  is  Acrylonitrile-butadiene copolymer, with a partiicles size smaller than 0.9mm diameter, covered with a PVCas partitioning agent.
NBR POWDER B present great compatibility with flexible PVC compounds, It is a sort of PVC modifier which are used in shoe, in hoses, wires, cables,etc. It has excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, strong bonding and it also has good abrasion resistance, aging resistance, gas tightness and conduct electricity. It applied in the rubber industry widely, oil resistance products, sealing products, adhesive, anti-static rubber products various oil and rubber products, a variety of oil-resistant gakets, pipe and produce flame retardant products together with the PVC.
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