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JF 123 Dynamometer for Heavy Truck/Bus

Model No.︰JF 123
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
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Product Description

1. Uses
Be used in inertia braking tests of Heavy、Truck、large and medium buses pneumatic disc brake/drum brake and railway brake.
2. Characters
Based on many years practice, the Dynamometer integrate the same type of German SCHENCK and same kind of Dynamometer of American LINK and Greeting companies, which adopts modern technologies to form perfect functions and low prices.
3. Structure
Single position structure, and can be installed air cushion supporting without basis.
3.1 Inertial Combination
—The small flywheel group adopts distribution of geometric progression. It is fix the back end of main motor by flange/ bolt.
—The middle inertia flywheel adopts the distribution of arithmetical progression, be installed in front end of motor, and cone/bolt fixed;
—The big flywheel group adopts the distribution of arithmetical progression. It is fixing near the tested brake by flange /bolt.
It can also short the axes length of tester at maximum and easy to change the inertia.
Big-middle inertia flying wheel small inertia flying wheel
3.2 Slide

-Manual/auto, permit test work-piece diameter ≤Φ1300mm, moving distance can reach to 1200mm. Hydraulic loose, the butterfly spring is auto clamp.
-The tested brake’s fixture parts are fixed on the end of main shaft of slide. The sensors are fixed on the both end of arm of main shaft that use for test of clockwise/ anticlockwise test.
-There is moveable shield cover on slide, and there is glass view window in shiel


-Slide table has three guide ways, the middle’s guides for longitude direction, the two sides guide for support and fix. Slide surface adopts gasket of PTFE oil lubricates washers. The guide ways adopt 40Cr surface quenching and grinding.
-Moving system of slide table is made up of fixed chain, chain wheel, screw decelerator, motor and hand-wheel; the hand-wheel must be adjusted precisely. There is overload-protect function in drive of slide table.


3.3 Cover
The whole dynamometer except slide table is in the shield cover. The cover shape make the dynamometer look modern. Inside shield is metal net, in the middle can be filled with anti-fire and noise material.
3.4 Cooling and dust-wiping system
This entire system is made up of air cooling and dust exhaustion. The speed of cooling can be set or simulated according to the speed of vehicle. The bag of filter can be changeable.
3.5 Urgent brake system
Under urgent condition, the urgent brake stops main shaft. Adopting Industrial brake, even under condition of power off, it will ensure urgent stop


3.6 DC Timing
—Driving by DC motor, adjusting by Siemens digital controlling system, which has the function of weak magnet and clockwise/ anticlockwise.
3.7 Measuring system-6 ways of measuring systems completely the following physical quantity:
Temperature ≤1000±1degree centigrade  total is 4 ways, 2 ways is rotation signals and output through the specified collector ring at the end of main shaft.
Rotate speed: (15~1200)r/min F·S 0.5%
Brake pressure: air pressure 0~10bar F·S 0.1%
Brake torque (2 ways): 0~40,000N.m F·S 0.5%
Actuator stroke: 0~100mm F·S 0.5%
Actuator output force: 0~10000N F·S 0.5%
Wind speed measure: 2~25m/s F·S 1%
Meet MFDD calculating precision:
Rotation speed V measuring precision is within 0.5%.
Install a 100 plus/rad calculation system on main shaft to use for measuring brake distance S.

3.8 Computer System
—Adopts dual-control computer system, that can make the system get the really data collect and control, logical control realize through PLC and computer communications. All this make the system run stable and fast.

3.10 Actuator stroke and output force measuring system—used for measuring actuator stroke and output force.
3.11 The voltage is -380v±10%, the computer system in equipment is protected by UPS power


detail please write to us.

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