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Titanium Dioxide TiO2

  • Titanium Dioxide TiO2
  • Titanium Dioxide TiO2
  • Titanium Dioxide TiO2
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Product Description

We can supply best quality Potassium Titanate Whisker, Such as TiO2, K2Ti4O9, K2Ti6O13,K2Ti8O17 etc.
1.Nano-grand Titanate Dioxide TiO2
Nanno-grade Titanium Dioxide TiO2 purity grade 98%, heat resistance is more than 1700 degree centigrade.

Main Properties and features
Chemical Substances
TiO2/ Rutile Type
White Powder
25kgs/carton (1 plastic bag/carton), 36 cartons/pallet (pallet should be wind by film)
Main features
Good dispersibility and fluidity
Range of application
1.      Photocatalitic characteristics (can be used in sew disposal, air purification, antibacterial sterilization)
2.      Ultraviole absorption characteristics (glass bulb, cosmetics, plastics, weathering pigments)
3.      High hydrophilic under ultraviole adiation, Hydrophobic under no illumination (car sides reflector, windshield etc)
4.      Strong absorbent of electromagnetic wave and infrared.
5.      Special pigments
6.      Dye-sensitizedsolar cell
7.      fine ceramic, high grade coating, photo sensing material.

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