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Clutch Release Bearing

Model No.︰JH-5051
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description


We can supply following clutch release bearing:
NISSAN clutch release bearing OEM:
30502-21000         RCT4075-15            30502-5E122
FCR50-1             48TKA3301             30502-53101
TK40-4AK            62TKA3309             30502-M8005
RCT4068             TKS62-5-29K           30502-M8000
30502-45P00         30502-M8060           30502-52A00
48TKB3302A          65TNK20               30502-03E20
30502-0W720         30502-28E20           FCR62-32-14/2E
48TKA3301           30502-52A60           30502-H8000
30502-45P00         30502-14601           TK40-1K             

MITSUBISHI clutch release bearing OEM:
MD703270             MD706180             50SCRN31P-1
48TKA3201            FCR551-1/2E          ME605584
58TKA3703B           MD719469             ME600576
MR195689             FCR55-17-11          0221-16-222
48TKB3202            MD719 925            MD749998
HONDA clutch release bearing OEM:
22810-PL3-003        22810-PX5-J02        47TKB3101
41421-28002          41421-36000          41421-39000
41421-43030          41421-43020          41421-28000
41421-43000          22810-P21-003        55SRCN41P
22810-P20-003        22810-P20-005        47TKB3102A
FCR54-46-2/2E        22810-PLW-005        41412-49600
TOYOTA clutch release bearing  OEM:
31230-12100          31230-35090          50SCRN40/P4
50TKB3504BR          50SCRN30P-1          50TKB3301BR
31230-12140          31230-52020          90363-40022
40TKD07              50SCRN30P            31230-60180
68SCRN53P            31230-60151          68SCRN53P-4
31230-35000          31230-35060          50SCRN34P-4
31230-35070          31230-35080          50SCRN40P-4
31230-60160          31230-60170          58SCRN37P
31230-22100          RCT356SA9            90363-40010
TK40-14AU3           31230-60120          68TKB3802AR
DAEWOO clutch release bearing OEM:
90250658             VKC2215              90251210
96181631             96564141             33TKD03       
50TKA3805            33TRBC-10SB          066853
90250663             066851               90278884
ISUZU clutch release bearing OEM:
97033699             94379499             RCT422SA1
8-94453-348-0        668659               5-31314-001
54TKA3501            94101243             48TKA3214
TK45-4E              TK45-4               24TK308B2
TK55-1A1             CT55BL              
KIA clutch release bearing OEM:
OK2A116 510A         90 578 343           F-206071.6
F-218286.2           KB301-16-510         OK201-16-510
OK201-10-510         FCR54-46-2/2E        H606-16-510A
RCT363SA             54TKB3604A           FCR54-40-2/3E
And clutch release bearing for LADA、SUZUKI、OPEL、FORD、PONTIAC、PEUGEOT、ŠKODA etc
Also, we can manufacture bearings according to customers' drawings & samples
Payment Details:
Payment Terms:
·  negotiable
Delivery Details:
FOB Port:
·  Ningbo
Lead Time:
·  30 - 60 days
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