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Potassium Titanate Whisker K2Ti8O17

  • Potassium Titanate Whisker K2Ti8O17
  • Potassium Titanate Whisker K2Ti8O17
  • Potassium Titanate Whisker K2Ti8O17
  • Potassium Titanate Whisker K2Ti8O17
  • Potassium Titanate Whisker K2Ti8O17
Model No.︰Potassium Octat
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

Potassium Octatitanate K2Ti8O17 possesses a stable tunnelp-like structure, i.e. it has a framework enclosing tunnel structures formed by edge and corner-shared. K2Ti8O17 exhibits characteristic properties such as high thermal insulating ability, chemical stability and, compared with K2Ti6O13, high ion conductivity. It is used for making special ceramic.

White Powder
Real Density
Bulk Density
Moisture Absorption(wt %)
Mohs Hardness
Pure of K2Ti8O17
CrystalLength Range(um)
CrystalDia. Range(um)
Surface property
Upon clients request
SEM appearance
Flake crystal or acicular per clients request
Main Application
1.   Reinforcing and Backing Materials:Engineering plastics and others2.  Heat Insulating and Resistant Materials: Heat insulating and resistant materials for industrial applications. It has negative temperature coefficient.
3.As reinforcing agent of plastic composites: It can reinforce the plastic composites and improve mechanical performance of plastic which is used as various fine parts with high strength, heat resistance and wear resistance.
 4.As friction bonding agent: Used in the ceramic brake pads for automobile, the brake tile for train and clutch piece etc
5.As heat-resistant paint made of this material mixed with silicic resin. Because of excellent stability and without public harm, be widely used in spacecraft, mechanics and petrochemical technology etc
6.Because of their good properties such as high strength, high modulus, light specific density, heat-resistance and corrosion resistance, we have gotten good results in utilizing the whisker to reinforce resin
7. AS REINFORCING AGENT IN FIBER REINFORCED PLASTIC MATERIALS. Potassium Titanate Whisker Reinforced Resin matrix composites have high specific strength, abrasion-resistance, corrosion resistance and good packing, lubrication, excellent size-stability, easy machining properties, so it can be used to make the fine thinly walled parts and the delicate polished decorations and the like. It can be wildly used as parts of automobile and machine with light weight, high strength.
8. As raw material for ceramic products. 

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