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Mineral Fiber

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Product Description
            MINERAL FIBER 



Fiber Colour                    Grey/Green


Fiber Diameter                 Approx 5.5 micron

Fiber Length              Approx 125um, 300um, 5mm-8mm

Specific Density                2.78 g/cm3

Moh Hardness                  6.0 moh

Tensile Strength                1400Mpa-1600Mpa

Shot Content                   < 2%

Melting Point                   > 1100 ℃

Ignition Loss                    Max 0.1% wt

Specific Surface Area             0.20 m2/g

Water Content                   Max 0.1% mt





Chemical Composition

SiO2                             38%-43%

Al2O3                            18%-23%

MgO+CaO                       23%-28%

FeO                             4.5%-8%

K2O+Na2O                       4.5%

Others                           6%

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